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Diets - a major concern at all points of time for Human Health.

Date Added: March 23, 2010 05:14:28 PM
Author: Raghuraman
Category: Health web Directory: Diets

Health has been a major concern at all points of time! Over the last two decades, there has been an increase in the concerns of food habits in the minds of people! What is the reason behind that? Why have people started to watch over what they eat? Where have the “eat cheese and feel pleased” days gone? There is only one answer to all these questions. People have realized that they were living in a dream world until diseases like diabetes, heart attack, cholesterol; obesity made waves and woke people from their sleep! People have since then started taking precautions. The very primary reason people want to stick to diet food is to be in good shape. I am sure all of us ogle only at people who maintain an hourglass figure than someone who finds it even difficult to walk few steps with a gigantic body! The former look s appealing, the latter looks worrying! The gymnasiums have been a stress breaker for those who have been struggling to lose their extra flesh.  Initially, people started to think that eating itself is a big crime and started starving to lose weight. But then guess what happened? They ended up getting ulcers and became malnourished! So what exactly do people mean by dieting? It is said that dieting does not mean starving or saying no to junk foods! Dieting simply means eating everything in small amounts and in other words eating a balanced diet. In order to help people in guidance of their food habits, a lot of fitness clubs started entering the world. There are clubs all over the world where people are taught aerobics and other forms of exercise to lose weight.  Popular diet plans like the Atkins’s diet, Bernstein’s diabetic diet etc also helped people to follow a proper food pattern to get them into shape and to stay healthy. The fitness clubs and the diet plans have become very popular amongst women and younger generation as there are lots of medical and health oriented issues associated with it. The awareness created by the internet and the TV commercials has left deep marks in everyone’s heart and that has actually been a reason why people want to follow diet. Everyone for sure knows that certain diseases are hereditary and it can be prevented or postponed to few years by staying in healthy diet! People follow various diet plans for various reasons. Some follow diet to lose weight, some do so to gain weight etc.  The easiest diet plan is to eat lot of vegetables and fruits and also to drink plenty of water. Some people want to lose weight in day’s time for such people fast weight loss diet plan serves them the best. Some love going on fruit diet where they survive all day on fruits and salads. All these forms of diet helps in losing weight in a natural way than following unnatural ways like starving and staying away from food. Even the doctors these days make it mandatory to advise patients to do exercise and eat healthy food as a part of their consultations.


Thans why Diets is a major concern at all points of fitness for Human Health.

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