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Date Added: March 16, 2010 08:43:31 PM
Author: Raghuraman
Category: Arts Directory: Photography Directory

Smile please! Say cheese! I am pretty sure all of you fellow readers know what I am talking about. Photography is a passion for many and some take it as a hobby, some like to click natural sceneries while others like to capture images of people. Photographs are a part of all the occasions. Be it a wedding or a birthday party, be it a stage show or a casual outing, without photography none of the events look complete. Camera is the only instrument that can capture and record the most special moments of life and brings a smile or a happy tear every time we see it. Photographs have the special effects of taking us back to our past and keeps our memories evergreen! So photographs remain very special to every individual. Photographers who have the passion about photography mostly make their career as professional photographers. Animal lovers choose wild life photography whereas some of the style lovers become fashion photographers. We see a lot of news on TV or read in newspapers of images of various happenings in the world. These pictures are exclusively brought to limelight by the photojournalists; Photojournalism is one of the growing fields in the area of photography! Photograph doesn’t really mean anything at the click of the camera but only when the pictures are developed, will we realize how crucial those click were! I am very certain that everyone would agree to this! Event photographers play a leading role in various important proceedings, be it an important political meeting, or a sports event, or an important gathering, the event photographers are a part of al of them. Photographers are the most precious records that have been and will be preserved for the next generations to follow. If photography was not existent, would we have ever seen Mahatma Gandhi’s face or Albert Einstein’s image? We would have been blind to history had photography not been existing. Photography these days have set a brand new trend. The presence of digital cameras makes all the pictures all the more pragmatic. The photo albums are also digitized these days where images are stored in memory chips and the images are viewed using the digital photo frame.  Gone are the days where photos were clicked and wait for a long time to view the images. Thanks to the modern technology! We can view the images the next moment we click the button! Digital cameras not only help in capturing images, it is also possible to shoot videos! Fascinating isn’t it? The great and eminent photographers capture the best possible images and display them in galleries. The galleries help the professionals to display their most beautiful and outstanding clips and gives them world class recognitions. It is funnily said that the world is in our pockets and anything is possible to capture, that’s the promise the technological sector offers to the world! Let us not be surprised if such powerful cameras were invented to capture the images of heaven and hell!

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