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Date Added: March 16, 2010 08:31:17 PM
Author: Raghuraman
Category: Arts Directory: Dance Directory

Dance is an art of various forms and so does the synonym of the word! Dance is described in various ways. For some, it is a form of expression and few others call it art. Dance is a way of expressing the saintly truth. It has been perceived in various ways all over the world.  In India, dance has a legendary origin. The myth claims that when the world was full of rage, envy and voracity, the ancient clad went to the Lord Brahma and seeked his advise. It is said that the lord fashioned Natyam to save the civilization from losing to ethical values and so dance is considered as the fifth scripture. India being a diverse country is a land of various dancing styles. Bharathanatyam, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Indian folk, dandiya, garba etc are called the regional dances of the nation.  The jazz is said to have had its origin in America.  Italian renaissance dignified the art of Ballet and the art later grew to be a part of other countries like France and England and afterward it was called the French Ballet , the Russian ballet etc. The reason behind the origin of Russian Ballet is said to amuse the noble court. The modern era set a new trend to the art of dancing; various styles including hip hop, disco and tap dance came into existence. They are considered as the most favorites of the younger generation and this dancing style gave a new outlook in the appearance of the dancers. Fashionable clothes, accessories were important properties of this dancing style. The Irish dancing style has its roots from Ireland and they are conventionally referred to as step dance. Soft shoes called the ghillies are worn when performing the Irish dance.  The disco dances as famously known were a soaring hit in the party halls and nightclubs. Such various dancing styles have drawn interest in the people and the curiosity to learn them prioritized the existence of dancing schools and dance coaching classes.  Dance competitions provided an outlet for the performers and dance enthusiasts to exhibit their talent and showcase their possible style of dancing. It is said that the dance competitions gives a world class recognitions for the dancers, their dancing styles  and it’s a way of  communicating with the audience on the various forms of dance. Professional dancers usually conduct dance workshops or offer dance training to those upcoming dance lovers. Various courses are offered and the students are allowed to choose their style of interest. Some schools are exclusively run for teaching one particular dancing style; for example the Australian Ballet School, Kalakshetra etc.  Any form of dance has its own aesthetics and its own style of expressing emotion. Dance is more or less learnt and is still of growing importance for the very prime reasons as to carry on the tradition to the next or the newer generation. Dance is also considered as a stress breaker and people tend to feel relaxed and light after a serious dancing lesson. Can I call dance a new fun way to lose weight? So what it gives a new meaning to dance? Dance is still dance!

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