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Date Added: March 11, 2010 07:32:07 AM
Author: Raghuraman
Category: Shopping Directory: Weddings shopping, Marriage Shop Directory

One of life’s prehistoric and a shockingly untouched rite is undeniably Wedding. It’s a ritual and associated service by which two people swear to spend their lives as one in marriage. Being chiefly a festivity of care and company, a marriage also has lawful and religious importance. It is a founding in which private associations such as care and sexual habits of different customs unite. On the whole chosen from the culture it is derived from, wedding has its own importance. Such unification may also be called matrimony. Exchange of culture between couple and family also takes place. The couple vows to be jointly as a column of support, by expressing their thanks to their community for supporting and caring them. Wedding traditions and way of life differ significantly amid cultures, religions, cultural groups, community classes and countries. Exchange of wedding oaths by the couple is a familiar sight at any wedding. Presentation of a gift to the couple is one habit that is in practice for over many years. Creating a sense of legal responsibility between the individuals involved is the sole purpose of any wedding. Extending to a certain family members of the married persons, these compulsions are also followed by a lot of societies. After the completion of a marriage ceremony, the couple might have a wedding reception or party held which includes a meal to all the people who attended the wedding. As a symbol of fertility, wedding cakes are served but today more normally is used to express hopes for a lovable life for the pair. The reception is an additional chance for the couple to pay tribute and thank their family and friends for supporting them. Some people choose to have music and dancing, including the couple's symbolic first dance and family dances such as the father-daughter dance. Nearly all of the customs we observe today are merely echoes of the past. Everything from the blanket, rice, flowers, and old shoes, to the bridesmaids and processionals, at one time, bore a very specific and vitally significant meaning. Nowadays, even though the novel stuff is habitually lost, we fit in old world customs into our weddings since they are customary and ritualistic. The reason for welcoming guests is to have them see the couple's marriage ritual, swears and to share in their happiness and party. By being presence at a wedding, the guests also agree to endorse this couple in their marriage. Vow of support might also be asked to be taken by the couple to the guests. Offerings for the wedding pair are not obligatory, though most guests try to present at least a voucher gift of their best wishes. Marriages involving dowry have become a common practice in most countries, such practices over the years have reduced the spiritual essence of wedding ceremonies. But with marriage being one of the most important social occasions for any family, it must be held in a grand manner and remembered as the most joyous moment of their life.

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