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Date Added: March 11, 2010 07:22:40 AM
Author: Raghuraman
Category: Recreation Directory: Humor


Making people laugh, in itself is an art, so called as the Art of Humour. Humour is something painful that is told playfully. With a direct relation to human wellbeing and emotions, humour has the tendency to provoke hilarity and provide delight. What people feel about humour, and how they use humour in life, such as at work and everywhere has been a question to most of us. Researchers working on the issue have proved that humour, especially laughter, helps both your mind and body feel better. The working principle behind any laughter is that your brains secretes a brain chemical named endorphins, this chemical gives you a feel of being in good health, reduced pain and also better thinking skills. Humour is the best way to reduce anger and stress; by this way you can get pleasure from a more a peaceful existence. With scientifically proven result conducted on laughter, it states that performing physical for a longer duration is equivalent to laughing for a few minutes. Humour helps develop stronger muscles as a result of tightening and relaxing. Increased laughter has more positive effects on your body’s immune system; the entire immune system gets activated when you do so. Germs in your body are destroyed and newer cells are produced at faster rate with little aid from laughter i.e. humour. Humour has the tendency to maintain your body temperature at a warmer, blood pressure and pulses are greatly reduced. Problems interconnected to breathe are also washed off with humour. As mentioned previously, humour as an art is mastered only by a few people; individuals with such talents have attained huge fame. Successful personalities have followed a humour formula, English comedian Rowan Atkinson has set a trend of using his physical appearance and body language as his humour mantra. Researchers have found the reason why one feels good after laughing over a joke or recollecting a hilarious incident. The study suggested that when one reads or watches an uproarious clipping on TV or the internet, the neurotransmitters in the brain secretes the chemical called dopamine which is linked with the delightful part of the brain. Humour therapy is recognized worldwide wherein laughter and humour are used to treat medical illness. Patients restrained in hospitals take a longer time to recover from their illness mainly because of the environment in which they strive. Incorporating humour therapy helps developing confidence in them and also gives them the mental strength to handle the treatment. Depression has newly been added to the list of the most common illness faced by the world. It is caused when a person feels sad and hopeless. Some people undergo severe depression that leads them to commit suicide. Humour is considered as the best therapeutic device for the treatment of depression as humour provides an altered state of mind. The art of humour therapy has been practised for centuries from now and it is only growing to greater heights as people understand that humour plays an important role and is certainly the elixir of life. Humour and laughter are the best weapons to lead a happy life. Lets learn to laugh more for we know that a smile is the best ornament one can wear and lets be generous in smiling and laughing because it costs nothing!!


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