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Date Added: March 10, 2010 07:58:58 AM
Author: Raghuraman
Category: Business Directory: Law

Law as it states, has its own set of rules and regulations designed in such a fashion so as to handle the tuff conditions that prevail at its surrounding environment. There are lots of entities that have been formed to enable lawyers to engage in practice of law. A law firm is one such business entity that functions under the same cause. The basic function of any prime facility law firm is to provide its clients the proper advice related to legal rights and responsibilities. The clients could be anybody, ranging from an individual to a corporation. Cases involving these clients could be of any outward appearance, clients with cases of civil to criminal are represented by the lawyers of the law firm. Business related issues are the most hectic problem that clients from all field have had to face off with, legal assistance related to this has been attaining top priority over the years. Providing clients with such backing on business transaction and other matters is what the law firm aims at. Estate planning is another aspect related to law. Personal injury associated cases are a familiar sight at court; people who claim to have been injured by the wrong doing of others seek the help of a lawyer who can provide them with legal representation. These kinds of lawyers are well-known in the area of tort law, which include economic or non-economic damages and civil wrongs to any person’s reputation, property and rights. Though these lawyers have trained and licensed themselves to practice any field of law, they mostly handle issues that fall under the tort law. Be it any form of claim, the duty of any lawyer is to serve his or her client with utmost responsibility and sincerity. Criminal law, commonly known as penal law, involves prosecution by the government of any individual for an act that has been classified as offence. Legal punishment related to criminal sin is carried out by the constitutional body and common law interconnected to crime. Punishment, avoidance, incapacitation, and treatment are the four theories of criminal justice, imposing endorsement for the crime could lead us to achieve justice and a more peaceful social life. A claim against a person who can be held accountable for death in common law jurisdiction is called as wrongful death, brought into civil action by close relations; as spelled out by law. Law comes into play on every field; personal injury law, divorce law, elder law, internet law, education law, criminal law, wrongful death law, estate planning law, fraud law and family law are a few to mention. Over the past few decades, the number of law schools have began to increase. Educations being the foremost importance, students have begun to choose law as a profession. Teaching students the basics of law right from their school days would do a great deal of good to their confidence and even much more to the way they look at the surroundings. Law and justice must forever go hand in hand to achieve a peaceful society.

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